5- healthy summer recipes

When I was doing some recipe planning yesterday, it occurred to me that a round-up of my favorite summer recipes might be helpful. Some of  my favorite  summer recipes includes   mango & avocado salsa, honey/ mustard potato salad & zucchini bread.I really enjoy cooking this time of year. Summer offers the finest ingredients- fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden, farmer’s marked and the grocery stores.


Lentil salad– This hearty lentil is perfect for a light dinner or a wholesome on-the-go lunch.This salad is packed with lentils, seasonal vegetables, olives and loads of fresh herbs.



Zucchini bread– Zucchini ( courgette)  are abundant in backyard gardens and farmers’ markets  this time of year. Transform your zucchini into a moist, delicious loaf of bread. Zucchini bread is the perfect way to make sure you are eating vegetables and still enjoying a sweet treat.



Mango & Avocado salsa – A delicious vibrant salsa recipe. Different from salsa fresca with avocado, mango, fresh chilli, lime juice and cilantro. This salsa recipe is a staple in my family. This salsa goes well with grilled meat or fish.



Potato salad-  Who doesn’t love a good potato salad? This potato salad is a nice alternative to mayo laden potato salad. This salad combined potatoes, green beans, shallots, garlic and is dresses with a mustard/ honey dressing. This potato salad is a must try.



Strawberry tarts– with a coconut/ rice flour crust and mascarpone/ greek yogurt filling, topped with fresh strawberries. These tarts are just adorable.


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